VINO 2015

To anyone hoping to attend my seminar on Campanian wine at Vino 2015 in New York, I must tell you I won’t be there. I have withdrawn completely from the event. The subject is important to me, and I wanted to offer a well-planned, clear, and useful presentation of a large, complicated, and significant mass of information. As of two weeks before the event began, I had received no information about, nor been consulted about, the scope of the seminar, what supporting materials (if any) will be provided, what wines will be available for tasting (that is, not individual producers’ wines: which kinds of the many Campanian wines). I think this lack of organization is unprofessional. It is disrespectful to me (and any other serious wine journalist), to the Campanian producers who will be disserved by its consequences, and to the individuals who will attend.

8 Responses to “VINO 2015”

  1. Robbin Gheesling Says:

    I’m only just now hearing from the travel agent and they are refusing my preferred flights and airline because the itinerary is over budget. *eyeroll*

  2. productionslevin Says:

    How disrepectful this treatment to you

  3. Ed McCarthy Says:

    Tom, I hope you’re not surprised. The treatment you received is par for the course when dealing with “professional” wine organizations in Italy. I avoid them.

  4. Ron Kapon Says:

    Good for you. Principles still count in this world.

  5. Tablewine Says:

    I know how you feel; a wise choice.

  6. Alfonso Cevola (@italianwineguy) Says:

    I’m with you, Tom. I wont be there. I got one email about the event and that was it. I’m off to the Veneto for Amarone Anteprima.

    • Tom Maresca Says:

      Enjoy yourself, Alfonso. In early February, I’d much rather be in Verona than NY — and tasting Amarone should be very, very interesting.

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