His wine publications


Mastering Wine. Bantam Books, 1985; revised edition, Grove Press, 1992. Awarded the Clicquot Prize for Wine Book of the Year

The Right Wine. Grove Weidenfeld, 1990; Grove Press paperback, 1992

Chianti Classico. International Wine & Food Society (monograph), 2002

La Tavola Italiana: A Regional Guide to the Enduring Cuisines of Italy, with over 235 Classic Recipes Matched to the Wines Traditionally Served with Them. William Morrow, 1988; paperback edition, Akadine Press, 1998. Co-author, Diane Darrow

The Seasons of the Italian Kitchen. Atlantic Monthly Press, 1994; paperback edition, 1996; digital edition 2012. Co-author, Diane Darrow

Not the Same Old Spaghetti Sauce. Hang Time Press, 2012. Co-author, Diane Darrow

Wine Consulting, Seminars, Tastings

Center for Italian Studies, SUNY at Stony Brook
Italian Government Trade Commission, New York City
Palace Brands Imports
The New School
Time-Life Books, Great Meals in Minutes series
William M. Mercer, Inc.
Wine & Spirits seminar series

Contributing Editorships, Columns

New Jersey Monthly, 1986-92
Los Angeles Times Syndicate FoodStyles Feature Service, 1990
Attenzione, 1981-88
The Best Report, 1981-83
Long Island Newsday, 1980-81

Other Wine and Food Writing Credits

Bon Appetit
Chicago Tribune
Food & Wine
Journal of Gastronomy
New York Daily News
Quarterly Review of Wine
Tampa Bay Life
The Wine News
Wine & Spirits
Wine Spectator


New York Wine Press
Wine Media Guild

One Response to “His wine publications”

  1. Don Riley Says:

    Splendid column on Friulan wines. I spent some years importing both whites and reds, mostly from Collio and Colli Orientali, years ago, I go back fairly often, and nothing brings greater pleasure than roaming through the hills and osterias from Gorizia through Cormons, Cividale, out to San Daniele and on up towards Gemona; no rush, no hurry, peace, tranquility, friendly and courteous people, beautiful countryside, and good food and fine wines throughout.

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