Grappa Collection

The 10 bottles pictured below are the sad remnants of a once formidable collection of grappas. Once upon a time, I had 40 different kinds. How the mighty have fallen! And just look at the low fill levels in these survivor bottles: I have a terrific ullage problem, as you can clearly see.



I trust you can also clearly see why it’s imperative for me to spend the next 10 days in Italy visiting grappa distilleries and – speriamo – replenishing my sadly diminished supply. I’ll tell you all about it when I get back. If you’re a praying person, it would be thoughtful of you to drop in a mention of my liver.

4 Responses to “Grappa Collection”

  1. Gloria Varley Says:

    Tom, I hope Nonino is on your grappa replenishment tour. I have vivid memories of a visit there — many years ago now — and the tasting which followed.

  2. Gene Bourg Says:

    Color me green.

    Gene B

  3. Livio caroli Says:

    Caro Tom ti aspettiamo a bocca aperta. Buon viaggio. Livio

  4. john wion Says:

    Safe travels, Tom.


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